Saturday, June 24, 2006

Well, working at a preschool/daycare I have contact with children of all ages all day.
I find it amazing how quickly I have come to love these kids-even the ones who are a handful. I float from one room to the next-where ever I am needed in order to meet ratio. There is something about each room and age group which I like and look forward to whenever I go in.

Infant Room:
The infant room is just a relaxing room-even when there are three or more babies crying!! One great thing about this room is that the babies stay where you place them. You don't have to run after them or pull them down from the table or separate them from hurting each other. Basically in this room all the babies want is to play, eat, and sleep. They just want a little love.
I find nothing more relaxing and peaceful than to hold an infant in my arms, as I feed them a bottle and rock them to sleep as I sit in the rocking chair. These are some of my favorite times in the infant room.

Waddlers and Toddlers:
So seeing the little kids begin to learn to walk-the first few unsteady steps-some things just don;'t get any better. I love seeing the little one year olds dancing when we turn on the music. They just bounce up and down-sometimes alternating feet. And when they dance with each other-priceless!! But I would have to say some of my favorite times in this class is when I have one, two, three, or even more of the kids with me reading a book. Some have longer attention spans then others and so it varies with each child how long I can keep their interest. Currently I have been working on animal sounds-one of their favorite sounds is the cow.

Now this age they are just learning to talk. I started out in this classroom so I have a slight attatchment. These two year olds are learning their independence. What a difference there is in just one year. One of my favorite kids is in this room because he runs to me whenever he sees me and gives me a huge hug. He lights up whenever he sees me and will occassionally gove me a kiss on the cheek. To have a kid love you like this is something real special. Now these kids really like to have a book read to them-even more so than the one year olds. I have read the same book 4,5, maybe even 6 times in a row to a kid. Once I finish he asks for it again, and again. But this age is fun because you can just sit down and play with them. They have reached the age where they like to play with others and not just themselves (although sometimes this doesn't happen as much as we hope.)

I have not been with the older kids too much-just one day. But these ages are still a lot of fun because the kids are so smart. They are curious about everything and they can communicate with you and understand much more than the younger kids. One of my favorite memories is when I was outside with Red Door-(3 and 4 year olds). I was herding the few children who had strayed too far from the main pack. One little girl had been gather a bouquet of dandelions-the favorite flower of children (to them it is not a weed-really one can instantly see that it is a beautiful yellow flower.) So then she picked up a dandelion which had already gone to seed-when it is all white and looks like a fluffy ball. She looked at it ahd said "I wish I had a horsie." And with this pronouncement she took a large breath and blew all of the seeds off- the seeds then floated through the air. I thought this was real cute because I remember my mother telling us about making a wish on a dandelion.

So children are pretty much the greatest things ever. Even when I get stressed out I still can't help loving the kids. Sure they can try my patience, especially when they try to pull my glasses off after I have changed their diaper, but they are so little and each has their own personality. I just am lucky to have such a great job where I can be with my kids. I become very possessive-I start referring to them as "my babies". I feel as if they have in a small way become partly mine because of all the time I have spent with them.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Blustery Day!

"Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring! Up to the atmosphere where all the air is clear! Let's go fly a kite!"
So I love to fly kites- even though as I look back over my life I have not really flown that many kites.
I remember taking our cheap kites (which we had made at Kid's Day) and running down the street trying to get the kite airborn, while at the same time trying to avoid tangling the string in the trees and phone wires.
Sadly, many of my memories of kites are attempts to fly them in the sky, but they usually don't stay afloat too long. My little brother got a ship kite for his birthday several years ago. Last summer we attempted to fly it, but either it was not windy enough or we just were not skilled enough to get it to stay. We tried everything from the traditional to the desperate. I even tried running down a hill, but to no avail.
But my favorite memories of all, are those where we made our own kites, using everyday materials. All one needs in order to make a kite is a little bit of string and a bag (preferably the plastic kind from a shopping store.) This is an inexpensive and yet fun way to entertain oneself. And if it gets caught in a tree or gets ripped-no problem. It is easy and cheap enough to make a completely new one!
So my sisters used to name the kites according to the stores which the bags originated from. For instance Walmart was named Wally, Fred Meyer was Fred/Freddie, etc.
So I bought myself two kites the other day- I went into the store and had no intentions of buying anything but there laying in front of the registers was a pile of kites on sale! I could not resist and so I bought two different kinds.
So I now, have to wait to get back to college to fly those kites again with my roommate- but til then I will content myself with a grocery bag and a little string- because it is just as good as a regular kite (at least that is what I tell myself).

Saturday, May 06, 2006

It's been a long long time

Well, it has been a long time since I lasted posted anything. Maybe now that it is summer I will be more vigilant. I will have more time, if nothing else. :) The last few weeks have been hectic- trying to finish classes, take finals, pack (or at least hide all my things around the apartment), and going to my sisters and brother-in-law's graduation. But now, I am back home and can take a breather. At least for a while- cause now I have the hassle of finding a job. I dread this every summer. So hopefully my hunt will be short and sweet.
I really like spring. As many of my friends can attest to- cause i always mention the leaves which are beginning to bud, the flowers which have begun to bloom. Every spring I am reminded of one of my favorite scriptues. Alma 30:44 "The scriptures are laid before thee, yea, and all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator." When everything begins to come back to life, I am reminded of Christ. All things testify of him. Spring is such a hopeful season. I cannot help but feel joy.
The only drawback to spring, is my seasonal allergies- and since i get to experience spring twice- my allergies are with me twice as long. The constant itchy nose and eyes are not pleasant, but i have learned to deal with it over the years. (and with medication sometimes it isn;t so bad-the problem is finding a medication which will actually help :) )
So spring was beautiful in Utah, but now I am back home and I have to wait several more weeks before things will begin to look alive. Right now the snow is gone, but everything still has that dead look- although thanks to Dicken I know that the trees are "wick" even if they do look dead. (That is for anyone who has read or seen the movie The Secret Garden- i love all of them-but the book in particular) It is always sad going from somewhere so full of life, so lush, so green, to the browns and greys of deadness (or seeming to be dead).
Weddings, at least the preparations for them, are a lot more work than I would have thought. Seeing all that goes on (one sister got married at Christmas and one is soon to be married) I am now wondering whether I want to get married because of all the hassle and trying to please everyone :) -and no one is ever happy with everything. It is impossible to please everyone. But oh, it is hard to still not try. So seeing all that goes one, I just hope when it is my turn, things will be able to turn out without too much trouble. :)
Well, that is about all I want to write for now. Tomorrow, though, i might have something more to say. now that i have more time, I might even be able to write it, instead of just thinking it. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

So you are probably wondering what this sad sight is all about. Here lie the remains of my snowman. Last night, Jonathan, Cassandra, and I commenced to make a snowman with the earlier sprinkling of snow. As we began to make our snowman, we realized this was not the optimal snow. It was a little to fluffy to pack well. So after much work I was able to make a little ball-it took a great deal of work.
I handed this off to Cassandra who commenced to make the head-it became a bear with a little carving and the help of some burnt banana bread (I burnt it-but it still tasted fairly good)
Jonathan and I then proceeded to make the rest of our snowman. It took a lot of backbreaking work because you had to lean quite heavily on the ball in order for it to pick up any snow at all. So we were pretty proud to have made two fairly-sized balls. The path we used was quite apparent-there was no more snow on our front yard.
well, we wanted others to be able to see and admire our snowman-we actually debated about putting it in the intersection, but decided that was not the wisest of decisions and therefore chose the second best location-the corner by the intersection!!
So I carried my ball down-slightly difficult seeing as I am not the strongest person alive-(in fact I am fairly weak.) Jonathan rolled his down, in order to get more snow packed on. We stacked the balls and created our snowman.
I went and got two gloves and a scarf to help complete the outfit. We even packed the gloves full of snow-which resulted in our frozen hands. We were proud of our work and even labeled it with "66" in order for all of our ward to see as they walked by to church the next day.
But alas, no one from the ward was destined to see out magnificent work.
I woke up this morning though to a note on the mirror. Cassandra had gone to check on my snowman last night and to her shock and dismay the snowman was no longer quite a snowman. First off, someone had painted it (i have no idea with what). And second, someone had deliberatley run my snowman down. :( It was good that i had a forwarning before i went to church-because it was a pretty gruesome sight. someone has a sick sense of humor.) They used my snowman as target practice!!!!!
If you know who ran over the snowman i would suggest you do not tell me because whoever it was does not want my wrath. but then maybe the mysterious person deserves to have my wrath unleashed because of the dastardly deed he has committed.
Also if anyone sees a yellow glove it probably is mine. All that was retrieved from the crime scene was one maroon scarf and one yellow glove. The second is still missing.
The above pictures are the aftermath of the crime scene. It is a sad scene, one which I would not wish on my worst enemy. Even if this snowman does not remain by the street, his memory will remain here on my blog. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 10, 2006

It has been a busy week-trying to go to classes to getting all of my homework done and then avoiding the plague which has visited our house this week-it has been quite a bit to deal with.
I went to the library for two consecutive days and read over forty picture books. It is astounding how many children's books there are in this country.
So last time I said I was posing for Chantelle as "Jane Doe". For all those interested here is what I looked like-and yes I did walk around campus with this costume on-and once again yes many people did stare or try to covertly glance in order to see what I was doing in the bushes with such strange makeup. But hey anything for my sister.
Oh let's see-there was a really interesting book which I have recently read. I thought it was very beautiful Butterfly ABC's. This book began when the author first noticed a perfect letter F on a butterflies wing. This intrigued him and he wondered whether he could find the entire alphabet on moths and butterflies. So he spent the next 25 years and going to at least 30 different countries before he was succesful. This book is his findings and pictures which I think are absolutley beautiful and amazing.
I will have to say I absolutley love my Children's Literature class. It really probably isn't too good because i am supposed to read for 40 minutes a day-which i do but I usually do more than that. I rationlaize to myself that I am doing homework, but my other classes are going to suffer soon of I keep reading as I am. If anyone has any good children's books please recommend them. I have to read books which I have never read before and so I appreciate all input.
I went and saw the BYU's production of the Boxcar Children last night and that was very interesting. I have never seen a performance done in quite this manner. The BYU students were the "puppeteers" while the children were the "puppets." So the BYU students spoke all of the lines and moved the children however they wanted too. It was an interesting technique-but i will have to say my favorite part was the little boy who played Benny-he was adorable, especially when he pretended to be a bear.
If anyone wants to know a fun game i would recommend "Ditto". Everyone sits in a circle. The leader does something and then the person on the left must imitate the action until everyone has also done it. The key is that no one is allowed to smile or laugh. Kari, Mary, and I tried this game but we were never able to get to a second person without laughing. We just kept cracking up and were not able to finish the game, but we had lots and lots of laughs. I always laugh so much when I am with Kari-I really should have better abs than i do considering the workout which I get. It's pretty great because whenever I am with Kari I know I will laugh-i will get my daily quota. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

So, I found out I am going to be an aunt to another nephew. Yeah!!! I am so excited. He will be born in June and then Matthew will have a little brother.
Today is Melanie and Kent's celebration for the Chinese New Years. I am pretty excited to say the least. I heard through a little bird that the food is going to be amazing.
Yesterday, I was able to pose as "Jane Doe" for Chantelle. It was a pretty spetacular costume, and I am sure many of the people who walked by as I was among the shubbery were also impressed with Chantelle's costume. (It couldn't have been that I had a lot of makeup on my face, and that it was snowing and I had no jacket on, and that it was just not a usual sight to see, even on BYU campus.)
I went to a Children's Literature Symposium yesterday-it was very good. I even got to listen to Katherine Paterson. I enjoyed listening to the writers and the insights which they had.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I have created a blog!